Make your server yours with iFuture.

Why choose iFuture?

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Global Economy

The economy allows members to purchase roles with currency. Why do this? Roles can determine who makes use of the commands. Want more members? Once you get enough currency and your server is reputable, it will be advertised in the listings.

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Global ban database

Are you tired of all those raiders and children disrupting your server?
iFuture has it's own database which will kick all know scammers,hackers,raiders and annoying kids.

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Do you have active members? Maybe you want to give them rewards? iFuture lets you give roles to active members for free.


Servers can easily create their own applications for roles. Unlike many other application bots, you get to make more applications for free. Still not interested?
How about, once they have been accepted they will be automatically ranked.

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Welcome messages

Enjoy having notifications when members join?